Safest Gym in Vaughan, ON

Safest Gym in Vaughan, ON

Hitting the Gym Post Lockdown? What to Expect for COVID-19 Safety

If you are headed back to a gym in Vaughan and they are allowing classes over 6 people and are not doing the safety measures I describe below then do yourself a favour and head over to Pure Motivation Fitness Studio, the safest gym in Vaughan.

With local regulations easing up after strict quarantine regulations, it doesn’t mean we can be complacent. COVID-19 is serious and all of us must expect the “new COVID-19” procedures everywhere we go, especially when it comes to any of the gyms in Vaughan. Fitness classes cause our lungs to release lots of droplets, plus our sweat and coming in contact with lots of machines, equipment, and fellow fitness enthusiasts. 

Figuring how to start working out after hibernation was indeed a challenge. The post-lockdown gym conditions look and feel different with new systems in place to make sure members feel comfortable and safe. It is inevitable for people to feel afraid because this invisible enemy is vicious and upsetting. No one wants to get sick; but at the same time, we also want to go on with life as this pandemic has been tough physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Amplified Cleaning Procedures 

Admittedly, I also felt some hesitation about returning to the gym. But I will say my Pure Motivation Fitness, provided me with the assurance that they are doing everything they could to make the facility clean, hygienic, and safe. They heavily increased their cleaning procedures like professional disinfecting and fogging every 15 days to make sure the equipment is deeply cleaned and sanitized. 

This gym (and hopefully others) has also increased its staff cleaning hours and janitorial services. This means after every class, you have to wait a minimum of ten minutes to ensure that everything from kettle balls to spinning spikes is disinfected. I felt comforted knowing that my studio and coaching team are taking the necessary precautions so we can pursue our fitness goals with confidence.

Extra Steps for Protection

The safety measures began before I even went to the studio. For my small group training class, I had to book my preferred timeslot ahead using my Pure Motivation app. The gym released a notice that only six members are allowed inside per session to enforce social distancing. They practice the WHO recommended 6 feet physical distancing to minimize contact and deter the spread of the virus. 

When I arrived at the gym, I had to wait outside with other members for a couple of minutes as the staff finished cleaning up. There are floor markings to indicate where everyone is allowed to stay.

Safety Health Checks 

Once the cleaning team finishes, we are allowed to enter the studio. We had to enter properly with a mask and keep the six feet distance protocol in between each gym guest. The coach welcomed us at the door, where he did a temperature check with a touchless thermometer. 

Registration was also contact-less. I scanned my app using the QR reader. From there, I had to change into indoor shoes. They enforce a strict no bringing of outdoor shoe policy. The last step disinfecting the hands using their automated antibacterial dispensing machine. 

Same Inspiring Workout

People wonder if wearing a mask is allowed during the session. The answer is it is your choice. Sweat also makes the mask wet, making it the perfect breeding ground for microbes. With all the safety protocols of Pure Motivation, all of us feel safe. As a gym-goer, it is our social responsibility to stay home if we are unwell for the safety of the community. 

Personally, after months of hiatus, I was ecstatic to crush my Vaughan Fitness Class WOTD (workout of the day) under the killer coaching staff. It felt great to be back, even though my body felt out of tune. So if you are hitting the gym, remember to cut yourself some slack. It will take time to ease back into a fitness routine. 

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